Photohunt: One

It makes me wonder what if pairs become one.  I mean, we are born with some parts of the body in pairs.  What if we loose the other half?  It is so easy to say it would not be easy, that it would be very hard.  But how difficult would it be when we really do not have an idea?

My other half had gotten accustomed to a life where half of his body is not functioning as normal.  It was at first very painful and challenging to him.  I can feel the pain but still, I do not have the idea of what it really felt like.  I do not mean to wish to experience this but one could not really tell how it is.  We know it is difficult but we do not know the extent of this adversity.

What if we only have one of the following?


the eyes

Losing an eye could truly be difficult.  With a poor vision, I could attest that losing the sense of sight is a frightening thought.

What if we loose half of this one?


the brain


Scary thought, isn’t it?  Just watching a neighbor’s schizophrenic brother scares me to death.

To add to these thoughts, what if we can taste all food with only one flavor? What would be the fun in it?


condiments for our different tastes

Photohunt’s them for today is ONE.  This is an indirect presentation.  Bear with me.  🙂



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4 thoughts on “Photohunt: One

  1. Due to an illness, my father in law couldn't smell anymore, so everything tasted the same for him, or rather, didn't taste at all. So in a way, all food only had one flavour for him.


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