I Used to Check on My Horoscopes

I am not a believer.  I am just amused at how at many times the readings tend to align with what’s currently happening in my life, for example.  It made me wonder most of the time why there are readings that seem like an interpretation of a current situation.  Is that pure coincidence? I do not know and I do not care.  But I was entertained.

Let us check on my horoscope for today:

You’re used to telling your problems to your friends, but have you been feeling as though they haven’t been listening lately? Today it might be difficult to connect in a real way with the people who are closest to you, and this could become frustrating if you’re really counting on their input or feedback. But try not to get angry with them if they can’t give you all the attention you need. Understand that they may have other things to deal with right now.

Ooops! The reading for today is not accurate.  My friends are listening.  First thing in the morning I shared with them a predicament that I have.  They were all ears.  They gave words of encouragement, they gave admonitions, and they feel for me.   I felt their concern.  Who might that friend (s) be? But be it may that this is true, I will not be angry if what the horoscope tells is true.  My friends have their own lives, and their own concerns.  It would be a selfish thing to demand the attention that I need for now.

Here is my Daily Couples Love Horoscope for today:

Changes started today have a great chance of being successful. If you’ve been waiting to make some bold moves, wait no longer. Get your sweetie on board, and get going!

Now, I got to make the moves. 😀


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