Declaring a Baby’s Arrival

Traditionally, in the Philippines, baby announcements are made during their baptisms.  That is, if the parents are Catholic or Aglipayan.

But as everybody is not a member of the said religions, birth or baby announcements are done by ‘offering’ the baby.  This is what I was told by a friend who is a follower of a certain non-Catholic congregation.

I am not aware of the recent progress in the country regarding the celebration of a new baby’s arrival.  It would be more convenient if this kind of celebration be made without the religious conundrums, and void of the quackery and sham holiness.  At least, everybody, notwithstanding their affiliations and beliefs, are welcome to come and join the celebration.

There are three toddlers in the family.  All of them were ‘announced’ to the world through baptism via the Aglipayan mass celebration.

Drake, Gab, and Drew

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