Is it true that blogging is dead?

Son Daryl told me a few weeks ago that he’s been hearing that blogging is dead.  He said that with the popularity of Facebook and Twitter, blogging died.  I replied it can be true, this with a thought in mind that blogging is in forms of posts or journal entries or article like write ups.  My current reads page still has ‘live’ blogs that are updated to infrequently updated to dormant.  There are some that are inaccessible totally abandoning the world of blogging.

While I have to agree that the Facebook and Twitter phenomena are truly eating a large portion of an individual’s time, I have to say there are other obvious reasons why a blogger becomes inactive, or decides to just leave and not write anymore about the usual stuff that he wants to type about.  Believe it or not, some people hate FB and twitter, or has grown tired of them, too.

In an article, a comment was quoted saying, “… Blogging has certainly evolved over the past five years, but its final shape has yet to form.” Could it have evolved from personal blogging to social networking?

Brian Clark’s content maintains that blogging still has maximum influence through valuable longer content especially when you have an online business, or you need to promote a product, or a cause.  The guy emphasizes the value of content marketing and mentioned a quote that says, “…blog posts are effectively conversations that are eternally visible through Google, meaning they have more inherent value to brands.”

There is another interesting point of view though that appeals to me.  In the article Blogging is Dead Just like the Web is dead, it made a stand that blogging is not evolving into social networking but is truly evolving and expanding. Facebook and Twitter have ‘both helped to reinforce blogging in many ways.

I have to say that technology is fast.  Blogging is affected by the fleeting evolution of technology developments.  It is inevitable that blogging or longer content writing will take its new form again in the years to come.   Most of us will be left with trying them then deciding whether to embrace or not.  I hope though that this does not end in a bedlam for all of us.


13 thoughts on “Is it true that blogging is dead?

  1. Blogging is not dead! In my case, since its a hobby, my posts are dwindling because my job eats most of my time.

    I have an FB account which I created to update me on our coming highschool reunion and I find most FB users shallow compared to bloggers. Tingnan mo na lang kung ano ang pinagpo-post ng mga yan. Hindi kailangan ang sang katirbang pag-iisip o talent para mag update ng site. Kadalasan puro tsismis ang pinag-uusapan o puro “request” sa farmville.

    “Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds either tweets or post in facebook”. : )


  2. facebook and twitter are powerful tools but like any other platform, they can be abused. depende kung sino ang gumagamit. meron ding blogs na alang kwenta, blogusvox.


  3. definitely not. blogging has some factors one cant do with facebook yet. if its basically just sharing thougths with photos, Facebook has it but as to controlling the layouts, comments and widgets. it's still the blogging format.


  4. (just my two cents 🙂

    for me, i don't think FB and twitter could ever replace blogging…real blogging requires talent to write and to generate creative ideas for whatever purpose u have in mind…more effort…and for me, it's more fulfilling…but just like FB and twitter, i somehow find a few blogs that are…well…won't contribute anything to anyone's lives…also, for me that is, i find blogging more easier to connect with people outside my social circle…


  5. @dong ho and ruby – i think the note portion of FB can be used for the purpose of writing like blogging. though you can't really change the layout and everything like you do with your blog.

    @photo cache – certainly not but evolving. 🙂

    @beatburn – yes, i finally wrote the piece! thank you very much. 😀


  6. Blogging is not dead, just slowing down some. The early adapters who came “just to check it out” may have moved on, and those that came to be part of the crowd may have left, but those with a desire to voice themselves on something are still here blogging away.

    I'm not a big fan of Facebook or twitter, and really don't get the whole twitter gig, but do strongly get the blogging scene.

    I am confident that blogs will be around for a long time!

    If you are a blogger, and want to see other active blogs, come check out and get your blog seen by active bloggers who read and comment (in hopes you will read and comment on their blogs!) and actually take an interest in you!



  7. hi, don. indeed there are many interesting blogs at Expose Your Blog. had commented on two already the first time i surfed, and added one in my current reads page.

    i will be checking out those blogs again especially when time is ample.

    thanks for dropping by. 😀


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