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Employees complain about flawed company rules and policies.  They say that the company does not care for their employees.  They whine about almost everything but mostly they whine about frozen salary increases, denied early retirement packages, and disregarded employee recognition, among others.

While those are valid concerns, and definitely cause inefficiency and low productivity, I look at everything from the point of view that an entrepreneur and an employee will always have motivations and concerns at odds.  A capitalist does not think like a worker.  A capitalist’s priorities disagree with that of the worker most of the time, if not always.

A worker or an employee’s focus is confined only to his current job and the challenges and difficulties it entails.  A capitalist’s attention is geared to a more complex transaction – with the workers and employees, with its managers, with its business peers or partners, with its suppliers, with its competitors, and mostly with its customers.  It is not as simple as a worker accomplishing his duties and responsibilities for the day.

Of course, the whole thing should be a give and take situation.  The workers doing their part of the bargain.  The employer also doing the same, have to give a larger part of the bargain for the bigger share of the gain.  But when is it right to complain?

It is but right to empathize with unfair labor practices.  But there has to be justification.  Should a worker who does not perform his work dutifully, and makes excuses all the time, complain about injustice? Does an employee who goes to work only to play games and visit social networking sites, eating up a large portion of his working time, has a right to grumble?  Will a supervisor or manager who has poor supervision of his subordinates and his work be justified of his nonchalance?  It looks like these are benefits equivalent to those they demand or complain about.

A worker or an employee has the right to complain if he can prove he is performing his duties and responsibilities at par, or outstandingly.  It insults rationality or common sense if a worker or an employee demands what he does not even deserve to the minimum.  I am a believer of justice but I cannot sympathize with these whiners who only nitpicks most of the time and does not even have productive and effective yield for their jobs.  They are very good at identifying what needs to be done but fails to check what they are doing.  It gives one a reason to wonder about the whining.

To end this discourse, a worker or an employee simply has to do what he was assigned to do, and he has to produce results.  When the time comes he has to prove himself worthy of the benefits he so desires, it will be effortless.  Proving something not existent can become one’s doom, and bring him to an unforgettable shame.


6 thoughts on “Whiners

  1. ms. bing, i cannot agree with you more on this issue. employees should look upon their outputs first, whether they're following or breaking company policies before they raise their complaints against the management. this topic sounds familiar to me, hahaha! i know you have read my (rant) recent post, and i thank you for your kind words. God bless.

    ps: i so like your last statement here. kung loko lang ako, i'll quote you on fb via posting your statement as “parining” sa “kanila” but it's useless now for my wife and i blocked them all permanently! no worth of keeping them anyway.


  2. Marami sa gobyerno niyan. One advantage of being a contractual employee (based on OFW contracts) is on the onset you know your worth and can demand commensurate salary. The more critical your job, the higher your standing in the salary bracket. No whining no dallying. The employer hired your because of your skills and he wants results. Any grievances can be settled on the next contract.

    Pero I still see whiners here especially from the south asians. Anak ng tokwa, trabaho na nila, gusto pa “a pat in the back” for everything they accomplished (if there is any).


  3. medyo off topic pero relevant pa rin: i wish all workers are able to manage their finances well. i see a lot of high-earning people who squander what they earn on so many things they do not need: another girlfriend, a new gizmo, high-priced meals.

    it is time for workers to realize that they have to spend their money well, save up, and stop relying on an employer for things like insurance. they can get these for themselves.

    workers should also spend more time learning what others are doing and working well (note i didn't say hard) so they can command a higher price.

    most of the people i know who are high up in the corporate ladder are simply just that: they show up on time and do their assigned tasks well. simple pero ayaw gawin ng mga tamad at mareklamo.


  4. hi, photo cache. trying to restore my dying blog ha ha 😀

    hello, atticus. we are just a simple family. we try to live within the means. at times, we eat out but purely for family bonding. we cannot afford high-priced meals he he and yet we do not have much to save but my daughter is trying to save a portion of her earnings. good for her. my son looks like he will be doing the same when he starts to earn. good for him. 🙂 i hope they will be as smart as you when it comes to money.

    the trouble with some workers is that they complain but they do nothing. they talk a lot and do not work well. i do not see the point na sabayan ang employer dahil wala namang mawawala sa employer. the situation is always like everyone is free to go if he or she likes. dapat gawing marketable ang sarili palagi. if the right time comes, what is a worker to offer but his accomplishments, di ba?


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