Let the Children Do What They Have to Do

On June 19, 2011, Jose Rizal’s 150th birthday, daughter Kay treated us to lunch at Kanin Club. I received also an invite to attend to a picnic made for Rizal at Intramuros but family comes first, of course.

Papsie always dislikes the idea of eating out. For him, it is an expensive way of celebration. But I always tell him to let his children do what they have to do, and that is to show their love in whatever way they love to.

Papsie is my husband Danny for 22 years already. Just like what is expected of any individual, he has his tantrums, too. He has weaknesses like everybody. But for me, he is superman and super kind. I believe that given the chance, he will prove his love for me and for the family more than what he had and has been doing.

The family actually asks nothing more from him but he always feel he is lacking because of the physical inability. But he had done more than enough in his situation and condition and I believe, in God’s grace and mercy, that we will be able to surpass life’s challenges together, as always.

I pray that God will give us our desires and wishes for him. We love him very deeply.


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