They should burn in hell!

A young lass was discovered and rescued by barangay tanods, not a piece of clothing on, wandering in a deserted road, and seemed to have lost her mind.

She was raped by demons from hell, the news told.   I hated them very much from the time the news was on tv.   If someone will tell me that these demons must have been drug addicts, I will retort telling that no drug detox center program could change the monster in these hateful men. They surely must have been one of those fallen angels that we call demons.

The story went that the girl EBed (eyeballed) with someone from Facebook.  She could not be stopped, the sister said.  What a stubborn lass!

This had me thinking again.  The world is not a place to live in anymore.  AND I have to purge my FB list.

7 thoughts on “They should burn in hell!

  1. that's what I was afraid of when I found out that my daughter was on FB and some social networking sites two years ago. I thank GOD that she's responsible kid and she only communicates with “friends” she knows in person.


  2. Oh life is so dangerous today Bing. We can never know who it is we are speaking to. That facebook is something else. I have set my privacy to the max. I might not stay either. That poor girl.


  3. A lot of crime against minors are commited using “texting” and social networking sites as their “hunting ground”. Since we couldn't put censors on mobile phone companies and the net, it is up to us parents to be vigilant and know what our children are up to.

    The thing is, some parents forgot that their responsibility also includes guidance of their children's social awareness.


  4. that is good to know, nalen. your daughter is a smart young lady. admonish that she have to really be careful and not go out alone with strangers.

    sometimes it makes me think of stopping FB but it is my only gate to HS and college friends and other relatives. other than that, it helps promoting my pages, auntie skinny.

    we cannot entirely blame the parents, blogusvox. some children can really be that stubborn. being a good parent to a stubborn child is not a guarantee.

    indeed, major tom, indeed.


  5. That's so common. A lot of young people meet up with facebook contacts and end up getting beaten, raped, or killed. kids should be taught how to use the Net at school.


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