At the LRT station

The commuters at Muñoz are sparse.  I thought to myself, “This is going to be easy, no pushing, no shoving.”  After a few minutes, the train came.  When it stopped, I was almost taken by surprise that I will be pushed and shoved when there are enough seats to be taken.

Why is there a need to push and shove?  Filipinos s*ck at discipline.  Big time.  We cannot wait for our turn.  We always wanted to be first, to get passed another by force.

Heard from an office mate that it could be worse at the ladies’ waiting area than the men’s waiting area.  Women are more like bulls ready to butt with horns their fellow women.  No considerations to be made but a clear message of ‘get out of my path, I’m going to ride the train’!  My office mate said that it is better to locate yourself among the boys because you have a chance to be seated and you will not be pushed and shoved.

I understand that there is a need to arrive the soonest to one’s destination but don’t these people think that it could delay them more when they push each other?  It could really be so frustrating.  I thank God I do not commute via LRT or MRT often.  I am just a tricycle and a jeep away from work.

One of my first shameful experiences at the LRT is when I tripped and landed on fours on the floor. I waited for everybody to laugh.  Nobody laughed.  It was as if I did not exist.  They ignored me.  I was laughing at myself and thought ‘maybe this is not the first time’.

Inside the LRT, I could not keep myself from surveying on each commuter.  I try to make a story out of a couple who seemed to have a lover’s tiff.  I stare at a man who lust after a pretty girl.  I hate men who ignores the elderly.  The LRT cab is a can mixture of paella.   So many people, so many character, so many stories.

The trip home is more a fun ride than the trip to work. 😦


2 thoughts on “At the LRT station

  1. MRT is much worse. Shouting matches happen along with pushing and shoving. To think these ladies are supposed to be “educated” because they all are on their way to work, wherever work is.

    My first LRT ride at Munoz was rather pleasant, I got “lost” and ended up in the front part of the coach reserved for the elderly, pregnant women, those with children. An elderly woman told the guard inside the coach that I'm with her, LOL. Either he believed that or thought I'm pregnant, haha!


  2. ha ha hello, julie. riding the MRT and LRT are such a stress. i even heard that there are pickpockets that ride these trains and they even look decent. tsk tsk what is happening with the world????


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