That AI Season Finale

This season 10 American Idol finale is the best among all of the finales. The top 13’s performances are very entertaining. But the most entertaining of all is that performance by Casey Abrams and Jack Black. It was a fun number. The two blended so well that entertainment was never as funny.

Our family is a huge fan of Casey Abrams. We lost enthusiasm watching the show when he was voted out. But when Haley got into top three, we were hopeful that a true artist will win the favor of America. It did not happen but I know that Haley and Casey have a future. They are both talented and are the true depiction of what artists should be, versatile and confident.

But I am happy it was Scotty who won. IMHO, he deserves to win the title than Lauren because of the two, he performed better and his voice is more flexible and fluid than Lauren. I know there are many fans who will not agree but hey, this is an honest opinion. We all have our bets. 😀

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