Handle with Care

English: Drop tester to simulate shocks to pac...
English: Drop tester to simulate shocks to packaged product from material handling during shipment (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In a manufacturing company, material handling is an important aspect.  The goods have to reach the destination ‘sound and good’.  It is important that the goods are handled with care.  Improper handling could truly affect the aesthetics or features of the product. In some unfortunate cases, mishandling can affect the quality of the product.

Conveyors, for example, are very important.  They can transport or convey the product to the next stage without much risk of product deformation or getting the chance of contamination.

Fork lifts are equally important, too, as they reserve the products’ quality and status while transferring them from one place to another.

There are still many handling practices that can contribute to good quality and preservation of the products.  The thing is, they have to be maintained and they have to be checked regularly so that they can be used any time when they are needed.

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