He Was in Rehab Before

Someone I know was sent to a drug rehab treatment center for addicts. He got addicted to methamphetamine. Well, when the drug was not still popular, he was addicted to other drugs that is why it was so easy for him to shift to met.

I would not be bothered at all for this man. If he does not want to help himself, it is his choice but the thing is, he has a wife and he has three (3) children. I am very much affected because it is torture to these four victims. They are like held captives in their own home, dealing with the fear, the pain, the chaos, and the emptiness each day.

What makes it more bothersome and sad is two of his children are talented and intelligent pupils. I could not imagine how it is so difficult for these children to cope with the situation. It is the effect on them that will be instilled til they grow old that bothers me the most.

He was in rehab before. I felt so thankful and hopeful. For eight months, the family was happily living with the dire provisions. They were struggling but are at peace. It was like heaven for a short time.

Then he was out and into the world of free men again. Yes, he was free again to use met and torture his family.

It makes me wonder what kind of drug rehabilitation center could truly transform an addict. What life-changing experience could there be so that an addict will totally forget the old ways and be successful in fighting the urge? From what is happening, the treatment center this man had spent his eight months with failed a whole lot. He was transformed into a more formidable monster.

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