Talking about weight loss pills again

There are over a hundred types of weight loss pills that can be bought over the counter today.  I have not tried any but it always tempts me to try because of the reviews written about them, just like these fenphedrine reviews that talk about fenphedrine.

The reviews said that it is a chemically-altered diet pill. It makes me wonder what ‘chemically-altered’ means. If I am going to translate it, that would me ‘altered or changed by a chemical or chemicals’. Now, the next question is – is that good or bad? They also say that the pill has these attractive characteristics like it can burn fat, assist in weight loss, and loose appetite.

Reading the reviews say a lot of the success. They said it is a proven diet pill that burns fat and loose appetite. They say it works and one will not wait long.

The thing is I do not want to loose appetite! It would be the last thing that I would want to loose. 😀


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