Thinking of a Hot Tub to Relax

There are so many things in mind that stress me.  I crave for the chance of being soaked, massaged and relaxed in a hot tub! 😀  I would want a jacuzzi or a spa inside the house, of course.  It is not usual in a common and average Filipino community to see a hot tub outdoors.  I might be accused of indecent exposure!  LOL

But this is a piece of information that has something to do with a hot tub.  The hot tub spa cover must also be replaced for efficiency, and also for health reasons.  When water is logged in the cover, the tub’s efficiency is reduced.  Bacteria also grows in waterlogged spa covers causing diseases.

Truly, each piece of furniture, equipment and devices in the house needs maintenance and repair or replacement.  By constant use, they wear off and fail to perform effectively and efficiently.


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