Scared for the Teens of Today

I feel afraid for the teenagers of today.  The world has become a cruel place to live in.  This busy world leaves not enough time for many parents to nurture and tend to all of the children’s needs.  The children are most likely left to figure their own lives alone.  Some of them make it, some are gone astray to chaos brought about by bad peers, vices, and crimes.   A lot of teenagers nowadays are even exposed to drug addiction and alcoholism through their friends.

Most likely, it is too late for parents to do something.  Teen addiction treatment information is the last recourse for parents who had not cared to notice the early signs.    Sadly, even with their effort of trying to save these teens, and finding Tips for working with troubled teens, it sometimes becomes a failure.  The addiction had done damage already and had almost eaten more than half of their lives.

Drug Abuse is rampant among the group of teenagers at present.  It is a fact that should not be ignored.  Crime rates in some countries are even caused by them.  It is becoming a malady that can almost become incurable when the people around will not care.

It is indeed not easy to deal with the challenge.  As a parent, the fight to win over the trust and affection of an addict child is truly a difficult task.  It is therefore important that with the early signs of addiction, there should be action.  Parents ought to do something, and not helplessly wonder how to stop the addiction at once.

2 thoughts on “Scared for the Teens of Today

  1. That's right, Miss Bing! The world we live in right now is one where teenagers have so many distractions and so much access to anything and everything good or bad. Let's just pray that more and more teenagers take the high road always. 🙂


  2. sometimes it could really get scary. life is simpler before where these things are not readily available and accessible to teens. 😦


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