A Year’s Supply of Flowers for Mothers?

Imagine receiving a monthly flower delivery for a year as a gift for mother’s day? Would you want that, mother dear?  That is one question for all mothers.

Of course, it would always be a sweet gesture from our loved ones to do such a thing.  I heard from someone that while your loved one still lives, give her or him flowers because when she or he dies, a truck of flowers around the funerary box will be useless.

Flowers are very symbolic.  I remember the first time I received flowers from a suitor, and of course from Papsie.  It is a thrilling experience.  It is exciting.  I am not sure if receiving them now will still give the same thrill I had during the firsts.

Of course, I would love to receive a flower or a bunch of flowers.  But it actually does not matter.  Flower or not, it is still the sincere love that goes with any gesture.

For all mothers, with or without flowers, it is always the love.  And it has to be sincere.  Don’t you think so?

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