It’s the life in our years

In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years. Abraham Lincoln

Aging is inevitable.  Someone listed the signs of aging here.   I had picked some in the list that seems easy to remember as biomarkers:

  1. If you lose your SENSE OF HUMOR, you KNOW you are growing older! (Good grief! I am as I believe it had not lost the sense yet! 😀 )
  2. Muscle mass decreases on the average about 7 lbs per decade. .. this loss accelerates after age 45.  (Oh, my I’ll be 45 plus one on May!  Daryl is right, I should be back to my exercise routine!)
  3. Fat increases as a percentage of body weight.  (Yay!)
  4. Strength, energy and speed of the body decreases.  (Uhmm… I dread the day seeing myself travel from the door to the sofa in 10 minutes.)
  5. Blood pressure increases.  (It has for more than two years now.)
  6. We lose neurons in our brain.  This leads to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Senile Dementia.  (Kidding aside, I am so anxious about this.  My father had Alzheimer’s, and it was not easy for the people around to deal with it.)
  7. Testosterone in men, and estrogen and progesterone in women, drops.  (Oh, dear, how about the bouts???)
  8. Sexual desire drops.  (Nooooo!)
  9. Sense of hearing drops.  (This will be a big problem.)
  10. Sense of taste drops… “everything tastes the same”.  (How can I cook the children’s favorite foods when my taste buds fail?)

Okay.  I’ll stop here.   It scares me to read more.  I will be growing old someday.  That is a fact.  Of course, there will be ways to slow it down, or remedy some symptoms.  But it is inevitable.

It is not the years, Abraham said.  It’s the life.  The question that has to be answered is – do you have a life? Life is not about how rich you had gotten.  Life is not about achievements and success but what you did with your success and achievements.  Had it helped somebody, even just a single soul?

Life is not about the multitude of ‘friends’; life is about the impact you had to a friend and how you served as one.  It does not even have to be many.

Life is about family; that basic unit in the society where you initially belong.  It is what makes you; it is your reflection.  The many things in your family embody you; it is your constitution, it is your personification.

Life is how you played fair in every aspect of your life.  It is about how you chose to keep silent when you wanted to talk; it is about how you did not speak instead of fighting back someone who tried to bring you down.  It is how you believed that things end and that justice will always be served in whatever form the One above chose to be.

I do not know when my candle in heaven will be all consumed, but I will try my very best to put life in my remaining years on earth.  You are lucky to be younger than me because you have more years to design a life for you and not worry that the years are adding up as time goes by.



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