I love touch phones

Just to look at them for now.  It is not in the list of my priorities.

The first time I laid my eyes on a htc desire hd touch phone was when an office mate received it as a gift from her husband for her birthday.  I was green-eyed with envy.

There is something about touch phones that got me interested and that is its glass display and its multi-touch input method.  I am not much of a lover of high-tech gadgets but this one took my breath away.

I do not see acquiring it now but if luck lends me an ear, who knows if I can have this one?  😀  Good luck, come and pursue me!


4 thoughts on “I love touch phones

  1. Ako naman, I still use my old Nokia phone (circa 2001). I never really liked the touch system. Maybe because I suffer from tendinitis, and my fingers tend to make 'shaky' movements.

    Hi, Bing. Hope all is well. Happy Easter in advance! God bless.


  2. I'm good, Bing. Thanks for asking. Am trying to get back to blogging which I neglected for quite a long time ha.

    I never really warmed up to the touch phone system. Old style pa rin ang type ko.


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