Choosing a Franchise

If you are going to consider franchises, what would you choose?

Franchises are often associated with food but in a write up from, there are 12o different types of franchises.  Still, I will choose food franchise.  And I will choose Jollibee.

Food is always easy to sell.  Jollibee is a household name among Filipinos.  Therefore, it is easy to sell because the business is about food.  Well, I have to admit that not all food business prosper but Jollibee has a name already and it would not be difficult to sell it.

How about you, what would you consider among the many franchises at hand?

2 thoughts on “Choosing a Franchise

  1. Jollibee is a sure win! However, its franchise package will cost millions. Only for the moneyed.

    Maybe, if given a chance, I would like to be a franchisee of Potato Corner. The lowest package costs around PHP150K (which means it is affordale), and it is a hit food business. Young and old alike love its flavored French fries!


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