Tips for Towers

Although this curt trailer hitch tips are only available for USA and Canada residents, information in this look up could help give an idea for heavy duty towing, hitch accessories, bikes and cargos, brake controls wiring and electrical.

Along EDSA, there are many heavy duty trucks that requires heavy duty towing.  I am not quite sure if trucks or companies with trucks have membership in wheeler or towing club.  But to be one is truly beneficial.  A couple of times that Papsie’s membership had rescued him in the middle of EDSA, or when the car breaks down unexpectedly.


2 thoughts on “Tips for Towers

  1. those big trucks in edsa are often overloaded. they destroy the roads.
    i dread the day my car has to be towed. yay! sana huwag dumating ang panahon na iyon


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