Will Graduate with a Teaching Degree

Daryl and his friends will graduate with teaching degrees.  With God’s mercy, they will all graduate, and some with flying colors.

I have a firm belief that my son will be a good teacher.  He said once that he could have chosen to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or an engineer, (he knows he will succeed in any field he’ll chose) but he chose to be a teacher because his definition for success is a far cry from the common meaning of it as amassing wealth because of one’s profession.  He wanted to be successful in giving his own contribution to education’s progress in the Philippines.  He wanted to serve the youth, and his country.

It sounds noble and idealistic for the young to choose teaching degrees because with the current situation in the Philippines, it is not as promising as the other courses.  But Daryl has not wavered.  He remains a good student.  He strives to be a good teacher someday by giving focus on his studies.  He has started to set an example and I know he will not fail in his goals.


2 thoughts on “Will Graduate with a Teaching Degree

  1. Good luck to Darryl. My parents were both teachers so I know how noble the profession is. Good for you to let him go for what he really wants. Nowadays parents want their kids to be cash cows so they want them to get the high paying jobs. It's more like they're looking at their kids as business investments – for themselves not for their child.


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