Lettuce Grown by Hydroponics

Tito Pino never forgets to bring us a bagful of lettuce grown by hydroponics every time he visits.  Hydroponics is one technique of growing lettuce in his home in Cavite.

I was amazed to learn first time that lettuce can be grown via a soilless culture. As I surfed through the internet,  I learned that hydroponics is only a subset of a soilless culture, the latter having a broader scope, and some culture do not use the mineral nutrient solutions used in hydroponics.

I am happy for Tito Pino to have a form of relaxation, taking care of his lettuce plants, that could give pleasure to him.  I have a different one in mind when I grow to be his age that does not involve plants (because I do not have a green thumb).  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can be able to do what I wanted when it’s time to relax.

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