It’s Summer Time

It is summer time again.  Colleagues and friends are planning already about traveling to the beautiful places in the Philippines.

One of my co-employees choose to ride on an airplane to go to the Visayan region while another choose to travel by land.  The latter believes that it is easier to deal with travel emergency on the road than when you are up above on an airplane.

For me, traveling by air or by land are both dangerous.  There is no better choice.  When one is met with a tragedy (not that I expect one for anybody), they each offer difficulties isolated for each case but the possibility is always there.  Depending on the degree, traveling by air or by land is just the same.

We will be having our family outing not far away from Manila.  There are no exotic views but it is always the warm and cozy feeling of being with them that will make it unforgettable. 🙂

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