The Honied Tongue Has Its Poison

Said an unknown writer.

Very true for me.  There are people who appears sweet but have poison in their honied tongues.  Just beware of slighting their egos, or triggering their resentful selves, and you are a potential candidate for character assassination or bashing.

These people, as I had observed do not have the capability to have a face off with their victims.  They rally among themselves to get satisfaction.  They rejoice about every bad news about their targets.  What a pity.

Interpretations are often wrong with these people.  Every move and step a target makes will be misconstrued as against them.  They malign.  They politicize.

It is sad that office politics seems to have no cure.  I just hope that the execs will not indulge too much in such petty matters.  There are bigger fishes to fry.


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