Or maybe a puff would do..

I don’t know.  I had to say that there maybe something that my father would appreciate as a gift for Father’s day.  He was a chronic smoker and I am very sure that cigarettes or cigars will make him very happy.

But if he was still living to this day, I doubt if I will give him cigarettes for this occasion.  He got very sick of emphysema and had complications because of it and if he had succeeded combating the illnesses, I will definitely not allow him to smoke anymore.

I wanted to post a picture of my dearest father here but the album that contained his pictures and our old pictures together was eaten by termites.  On second thought, I’d rather not.  I will be crying gallons.


3 thoughts on “Or maybe a puff would do..

  1. oo nga, huwag na. i-treat mo na lang kaya sa movie at dinner?
    just recently i saw a plug for the show featuring pepe smith. in it, he was doing nothing but hugging his daughter, who was crying. wala siyang sinasabi, yakap lang niya ang daughter niya.

    and i shed a tear or two dahil naknampots….ang tanda ko na at ang tagal ko nang walang tatay pero ang nasabi ko lang, “ang sarap talaga ng may tatay.”
    ayan, naiiyak na naman ako.
    happy tatay's day sa tatay mo.


  2. ha ha pano ko gagawin yung i treat sya atticus, ala na nga sya. *sigh* 😦

    tingin ko despite what'd happened sa mga smiths, sweet father pa rin si pepe. sabi nga ng iba mas emotional nga daw ang mga lalaki pag dating sa anak.

    hapi tatay's day din for you and your tatay. 🙂

    i wish the same, too, beatburn. hep, tama na ang isang puff. take care of your health, palaki pa lang ang baby. 😀


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