One More for Father’s day

My father will never want father’s day presents because I believe just seeing his grandchildren grow up would be enough a gift for him.  Unfortunately, it was only Kay who had experienced the love and she did not even know it and remember it because she was only a year and a few months old that time, and he died after a few months.

My father was a simple man.  Actually, he was so simple that he was almost like half-witted to use up his money when relatives visit the house.  The simple happiness he acquired from letting them in our very small house and accommodate them and use up all available money that he had was just enough for him that time.  Never mind if there was nothing left for us the next following days and weeks for us.  He was so clannish that it really looked and sounded foolish for me.

Then he expected a recompense that did not happen.  That made me very sad.  Up to this day, there are still relatives who considers me like somebody or like them who says hi just to ask for money.  Shallow, shallow indeed.

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