Saturday again and it’s clean-up time.  What do I need?  Of course, I would need a broom and a rag.  But a two step stool and the vacuum cleaner are the best devices I can effectively use to get rid of dusts and cob webs.

Saturday again and it is not a day to do nothing.  It would be a headache not to attend to the chores that are left unattended.  How I wish I have clones!

How do you finish the chores on a weekend?

Here is how I do the things that I do on a Saturday:

  • I look around and scan the house of what needs to be done.
  • I start with the dried hanging clothes that have to be kept and organized (because nobody here in the house knows how to do it).
  • I arrange the laundry – separate the whites from the colored ones, and then start with the laundry after a while.
  • While the washing machine is running, I start to dust the furniture and sweep the floor.
  • I check the washing machine and load the next group of laundry.
  • I start to vacuum clean if there is time left and scour the floor clean.

Basically, these are the things I do on a Saturday.  It is only the volume of work that changes not the fact that I have a role to do every Saturday.  Oh, it includes Sundays, I almost forget to mention.


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