A Lawyer For Accidents

They say its lawyer tucson but I think it should be Tucson lawyer.  Don’t you think?

Anyway, as I was cleaning the house before I type these letters, I thought of morbid things again.  What if while I was on the two step stool, I slipped and broke my hip bones?  Morbid?  Not enough.  What if a knife suddenly fell to my foot sticking right into it while I was doing the dishes?  Maybe better.  But what if I got electrocuted while organizing the wires that got tangled?  Morbid.

But Tucson lawyers will only attend to clients with personal injuries like car accidents, dog bites, or pedestrian accidents, to name a few.  Now I wonder if there is a lawyer for busy working moms like me in case we had an accident in our domestic workplace – the home.   Who are they going to charge anyway?  That would be the big question.  😀


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