Maybe Soon, Maybe Later

Friend M*  soon will be flying to America for keeps.  I do not know if she’d followed advices to look and find jobs in a health care job search that she could apply to.  A relative of mine had told me that job hunting now is difficult in US where the citizens are the priority and only health care jobs and services are open to foreigners or immigrants.

Maybe soon or maybe later she will be leaving.  Friend M* will probably not witness the changes in the work organization anymore.  It is not actually the issue, it is the leaving that kind of makes me sad.  A friend will always be a friend unless one remains faithful to the relationship.  There are hurdles to keep the relationship but it is normal.

Well, I just have to be ready.  It is not a surprise to me anymore if one day I hear that she would be gone.  It will be a sad day but a hopeful one, too, for her.  May God bless her kind soul always and keep her from evil people, and bad circumstances wherever she goes.


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