How did you get rich?

Well, unless you start your craft like the ones at – a website of novelty items for different occasions, you cannot have your earnings that could possibly make you rich.  The problem now is where are you going to get resources when you have exhausted all means, or another possible reason, when you do not have anything to start with?

People get rich because basically they had striven.  They had knocked themselves out probably and tried hard or did their utmost to get what they wanted.  But there are others who got rich and battened themselves because of another person, probably a lover, or a benefactor, who they love or do not love at all.  Well, it depends actually on their definition of love.  There are others who resorted to acquiring richness by illicit conduct and illegal practice, a sub rosa way which is the easiest for many. You know, doing bad is easier, some would say.

People get rich because their parents are rich.  No doubt about it.  But some others become rich because they mingle with the rich. You know the kind that are branded as social animals.  They are the nouveau riche who walks with stiff necks and arched brows.  They are people who reeks of hypocrisy and humbug.

People get rich because they won the lottery and they ‘cherish’ the blessing by doing something to make the prize grow.  You know, the kind who will do their best not to go back to the miserable lives, and eat boiled kangkong and soy sauce.

How did you get rich, may I ask? Did you trample others to get your way up?  Do you really have to be so base and pathetic?  You cannot bring your riches when you die.   My mother-in-law would always say that there will always be a big difference between a rich man and a poor man about to be buried.  I totally disagree because as man came from dust, from dust he shall return without anything in tow but his clothing when he dies, if he has clothing at all.

2 thoughts on “How did you get rich?

  1. One of banks here has a very interesting ad – ” you're richer than you think” 🙂 Although it is a marketing ad where you come to the bank and obtain a loan unexpectedly 😉 the line has a very profound meaning. Feeling rich may mean feeling adequate to some people and feeling poor can also mean being afraid to spend money because it will run out 😯


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