Disability should not be the end of it all

A disability insurance may not be the ultimate answer but it could assist a policy holder to augment some basic needs when he or she needs to cease working because of a disability.

This matter crossed my mind because of A* who had broken his nose because of a blow caused by a beer bottle pounded on his face by his assailant, and had obtained leg injury which might have caused him to limp.  If he had survived, I doubt if he can be able to function as effectively with a damaged nose.  But what is sure is he can claim payment because he had acquired the insurance before the incident happened had he survived.  If he had a lingering illness, he could not be able to acquire the insurance.

It still makes me sad thinking he will not be there to talk to about the different pasta dishes he prepares.  It still makes me sad that I could have shown more kindness or I could have made him laugh.  I am sure that had he survived and had obtained a disability, I will tell him kindly that disability should not be the end of it all.  I should know.


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