What We Failed to Know

All I heard about A* from ‘those people’ are the negative things.  They have not said a good word about him.  I have to admit there were times I got irked by A*s unusual actuation and attitude.  But most of the time, he was kind and accommodating to me, and to some people I know.

We learned from his sister when we went to the wake a number of stories (and some are funny).  There was this story about his sister who had pawned her 24k gold jewelries.  A* redeemed the white gold chain, gold bracelets and necklaces, from the pawnshop and lost them afterward when he got in jail for a petty crime (those jewelries amounts to more than sixty thousand pesos) where the crooks in the guise of policemen took them all.

And there were more stories.

What we all failed to know is that he has a kind and loving heart to his immediate kin.  No one mentioned them when he was still alive that is why.  A* had not bragged about it either.


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