It Made Me Think of My Mortality

A co-employee died.  He was only 35.  He was stabbed many times in his home.  He obtained wounds in different parts of the body – face, neck, back and feet.  The villain had intention to kill.  My co-employee’s decision of letting a stranger into his humble home was amiss.  But who would’ve taught that generosity could kill?

He can be compared to a cypress tree that could grow alone but independent even in isolated places.  My co-employee was trying to live his own life.  He was an independent fellow whose only wish was to be happy in his own way. Just like a cypress tree, he looked sturdy because he was big and bulky.  He was like almost 6-ft tall, if I am not mistaken.  Who would’ve taught that he could be as defenseless as he seemed to be unable to protect himself from the blows and attacks made by the equally big man?

It made me think of my own mortality.  Life is transient indeed.  It made me think how much preparations I must do and how soon my own candle will be exhausted.  It made me think the more that only God is in control just like how a potter molds and remolds his masterpiece.

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