Are Trophies Worth It?

When I was younger, I used to compete.  Awards came in many forms which include trophies, medals, certificates, gifts in kinds and cash.  Of course, what was appealing to me, being young and moneyless,  is cash money.  😀  But it had always given me more a feeling of satisfaction when there was a trophy and cash money.  Who would not want it that way?

But are trophies worth it?  I mean, does it matter when you had trophies when you were in the primary, secondary, or tertiary schooling?  Does the accumulation define a person?

I realize, trophies and the other awards are just physical awards.  Of course, we have to cherish keepsakes but they do not really define a person.  Trophies do tell that part and parcel an individual had that inborn ability.  It may tell he is avid, or intelligent, or hardworking, or focused, or goal-oriented, etc., etc. but it does not translate entirely into saying that person is a ‘good’ man if you know what I mean.



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