Early Morning Treat

Daryl is home at last! He and his classmates went to Laoag then to Vigan for an out of class (for Geog) activity last two days ago.

morning chant?

Look at what he got for us from Vigan.

Vigan longganisa

Vigan longganisa are more garlicky than sweet.  But I love it with fried egg, tomatoes, fried rice and Pinoy Kurat (spiced tuba vinegar). Yum!

fried egg no salt
fresh tomatoes, no salt
simple but yummy garlic rice

While Papsie was cooking the longganisa in small amount of water with no cooking oil (the oil that comes from these longganisas becomes the one that will fry them), I was starving.  Who would not be when they look great over the fire and when they’re already cooked?

while they are being cooked
the finished product about to be gobbled

Daryl had fun.  He also brought home muscovado and a set of special bibingka.

delicious bibingka

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