Not Yet Ready

From the first day she had a boyfriend when she’s still in high school, people tell me and my daughter that I will soon be a grandma or she will soon get married (as if a young girl can marry that young). There were even relatives who bravely asked when she will marry.  Of course, this irked my daughter.

I know that the thought of having a baby out of wedlock, or marrying early is not a far-fetched idea for most people who sees a young girl walking side by side with her young boyfriend.  Admittedly, it crossed my mind.  Even with a beautiful ergo baby carrier, the idea is not appealing to me though.

It is a good thing that my daughter graduated (with honors) in college with a boyfriend in tow without getting preggy, and knowing the risks of being a young parent without a job to support a baby.  God bless her soul for thinking ahead what could happen to a baby without the needed support.   God bless her soul for having eyes on abandoned babies on the streets, and feeling angry to the mothers of the unborn aborted and left in garbage places.


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