Cheap Car Insurance

Papsie inside the car


Our car is an old model.  That is why the cheap car insurance.  Not that I am complaining because there is no need to (it is a very useful car for us).  What I am trying to say is we cannot avail of the comprehensive insurance because it is already an old model car and not a vintage car.

We have the CTPL insurance, meaning, compulsory third party liability insurance.  It is a requirement for old model cars.  The third party is the owner of the vehicle.  The liability will be the financial obligation for the bodily injury or harm to the third party.  This also includes death.


Though an old model, once replaced, it would be very difficult for us to let go of this car.  It has been a part of our lives for more than half a decade already.  It replaced the owner-type jeep Papsie had before which was sold to a cheap price to the brother.  Papsie dearly loved that jeep, too.  He had had a lot of his earnings spent for the maintenance and for buying a very fine engine.   When it was sold, it left a scar.  We were so saddened that the vehicle was sold again to a very cheap price.  We felt so sorry for the car with its fine-working engine.  We were very unhappy because we did not have enough money, and even if we have, we could not decide on buying it because there are many other priorities to consider.


I have a friend who has a name for her car.  It was funny to learn that even her car was baptized!  😀  Until now, I cannot think of a name for my car.  think* think* think*  Maybe I’ll call him Blue.


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