A Prom Dress for a Debut?

Kay at her debut

Anything from the collection of Jovani prom dresses would look great on my daughter on her 18th birthday last 2008.  I was thinking of a one-shoulder satin mini length dress with sequins, beads and flowers.  But flowers on a dress is a big no-no for her.  I was also thinking of a strapless square tulle mini length dress with a full skirt in an empire waistline.  I know it would be perfect for her.  But not with a fuchsia or pink color.

Then I thought of a corset with sequins and a basque waistline;  strapless, layered, and in a tulle fabric with prints would make her look very beautiful.  Even if it would cost me a fortune.  (I am joking, I know you know.  😀  )

Then she chose black.  Plain black, put together by a wide red belt.  The cut was okay, the bodice is strapless and with a basque waistline.  The length is okay.  But black?  Why did she choose black?

I should have known.  My daughter is not the typical one.   She loves uniqueness, she loves out of the ordinary, she loves red and black.

It was my first time to see someone who will be celebrating her debut in black dress.  But I did not argue.  It’s not me who was going to celebrate her 18th birthday anyway last 2008.


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