Will a caffeine-filled pill do?

pill tablets

The pill phenphedrine has a significant amount of caffeine.  If caffeine has adverse effects on you, then take precaution.

Geez, so many forms of weight loss tablets and pills available and each claim to be effective.  What would you choose, diet suppressants, fat burners, or caffeine-filled ones?  😀

The makers of this phenphedrine claim that users will not gain the pounds they lost unlike other weight loss pills.  How do you know if it’s true?  Surf the net and do the research, of course.

2 thoughts on “Will a caffeine-filled pill do?

  1. I couldn't drin coffee, brewed or instant. I don't like to stain my teeth and regular coffee gives me bad breath. So, I buy bottles of caffeine tabs. Not ephedrine. It works better. One tab keeps me up and alert for 8 hours. Combined with vitamins B6, B12, and Niacin, it is so strengthening and powerful. Yes, a regular caffeine pill will do.


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