Suppress the Urge


Diet pills appetite suppressants can help treat obesity.  But still an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  The little girl above may appear to be cute because she looks cuddly.  I don’t know why bulges only look adorable or pleasant on little children, but it really appears to be that way.  A grown up obese girl or boy definitely is not good to look at.

That is not being judgmental, I believe.  A sight of obesity indicates malnutrition, which in this case is overnutrition.  Fat bulges indicate health problems.  It must be a concern that has to be attended to immediately.

The question is how.  It is through suppressing the urge.  If there are diet pills that are appetite suppressants, then there are natural ways one can do it.  Suppress the urge and that is what must be told to those who have appetizers on the tongue, or who loves food very much.

I have grown bigger, too, but not yet obese.  My BMI is still on the normal level but I am afraid it would grow to the upper normal level.  I have to train myself more to suppress the urge.  There is a lot of work to do still.

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