Taboo Topics for Men

If you come across, you will read how testosterone acts as hormone replacement therapy.  And what does it treat?  They are those that are taboo topics for men namely:  impotence, hair loss, and decreased sex drive.

Why do men dread these topics?  Not many are willing to discuss them openly because they feel it is a minus on their person, because it reduces them to a certain level, and because they fear the worst.  What a paradox it can be for some. 

Inability to sustain an erection in a sexual activity can be caused not only by physical illnesses but also by psychological sickness.  Though psychological impotence is rare, it does happen.  Hormone replacement therapy or testosterone creams can be a cure.  As to side effects, one has to research thoroughly.

Men affected by these problems have to deal with it squarely.  It is best that with the first signs, one has to consult a doctor.


5 thoughts on “Taboo Topics for Men

  1. @blogusvox, ha ha ha bravo!

    hello, rob! a man in his mid-thirties is still young and he must not worry unless he abuses his body. 😀

    thanks for the visit!


  2. hi bing. it's been a while. 🙂 this post caught my eye.

    men don't talk about the really important stuff especially with their peers because of centuries old problem with misinterpreted masculinity.

    in short, we don't know how to express the truth without exposing our weaknesses. those few who overcome and recognize the benefits of letting it out or sharing ones problems live in contentment. the rest, live in denial.

    i bet you can't guess the category i'm in.



  3. hello, beatburn! yes, it's been a while. 😀

    well, i (don't??)have the slightest idea what category you're in.

    i believe it is not as easy as it is said to just let it out and confess. this is actually a grave matter and it is connected to many, many things in a man's life, plus the world is cruel that it could eat you alive knowing your weaknesses.

    what am i rambling??? he he


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