Kim Tak Goo

Do you know what keeps me from doing my regular writing?  Do you know what keeps me from sleeping early?

It’s him.

Kim Tak Goo

It’s Kim Tak Goo all right!  That baker from the Koren novela “The Baker King”.  The time I watched with son Daryl, I never seem to want to stop.  Kim Tak Goo inspires me.  Corny, you may say, but I don’t care.  😀 he he


2 thoughts on “Kim Tak Goo

  1. Hey Bing!

    It has been a long time since I visited your blog. Iba na! But it is nice that you are keeping up with your blog.

    Alam mo, I was also watching Baker King with my nephew… yung part na naughty si Kim TAk Goo at pinapalo ng nanay ng kapitbahay at dumating yung mama nya. Galit! Akala namin sasaktan sya yung pala nag-alala sa kanya and willing to fight for him 🙂

    I was looking at my nephew react… Ay naku he is very naughty and I get into trouble because of him (suki ng principal's office!) but as I watch him i could see that there is definitely hope…

    Take care of yourself and the family!


  2. hello, beth. yes, ilang beses nang nag-iba ha ha i think i will stop everything but this blog will keep on 😀

    the story is so nice for little kids and especially for the naughty ones ha ha

    take care, you, too! 🙂


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