Credit Card Dilemma

Suddenly you cannot pay anymore on time.  The resources had depleted, or exhausted.  After years of finding ways to pay on time, you find yourself already in a dilemma.  You do not have any options left.

After patiently working and finding ways to solve the predicament, you will finally put an end to all that were due.  But after that are you still going to apply for a credit card?  After all, the freeze period will be out for some time and you will have that opportunity again.  Will you do it?

It all boils down to one thing.  Discipline.   Discipline sounds appealing to the ear.  But it is not that easy to practice.  It takes a lot of patience to maintain.  Truly ‘high-maintenance’.


9 thoughts on “Credit Card Dilemma

  1. hello, chyng!

    please do not have one. 🙂

    if you can go on with life without one, it's ok. it's more a temptation than anything else.


  2. I learned the hard way it is so much better to pay off the full amount each month. No interest to burden me and I even get a cash rebate for using my credit card.


  3. .. i applied for my first and only credit card 2 years ago, i usually use it for online transactions or emergency purchases only.

    .. i never use it for shopping or i will get in big trouble with my mother who handles my finances. lol.


  4. before i got my card, i vowed to myself i'll be a responsible user. thank God that i've been from the start. i have very strong [adverse] feelings about “debts.”


  5. that is good to know, rob. 🙂 mothers are the best, don't you think? he he

    i am glad you are responsible, kg. 🙂

    it truly is tempting to have one, ping-i.


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