Slim Wrap, Sounds Nice?

It is the word ‘slim’ in fact that will trigger anybody’s interest.  The next question will be what is a slimming body wrap?  It is interesting to note that slimming body wrap reviews, when you surf the internet, will tell you that it does not only promote weight loss but it also reduces cellulite, it improves blood circulation, and it relieves pain and muscle stiffness.

slim wrap

Tempted already to try?  It will only just take you an hour and 5 minutes to stay and have the process done.  It can only be performed by a licensed therapist.  It works like a sauna but it is concentrated only in some areas of the body like the thighs, the hips, the abdomen and the arms.  Now, there, I have this feeling that it is getting more interesting.

The slim wrap process uses silicone bandages wrapped around a certain part of the body.  The heat is turned and the process is concentrated on the wrapped part of the body.  It burns up to 120 calories and makes the body fit, trimmed and toned.

Though I have not tried this yet, it sounds so relaxing and therapeutic.  To how much it cost, that I still have to research.


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