Do you know what medical scrubs are?

Okay, you can laugh at me.

I thought medical scrubs are accessories that are aid in cleaning hospital rooms. I know I sound ignorant.  But it is fun to learn.

Medical scrubs are attires worn by medical professionals.  They can be worn by non-medical personnel, too.  They are tailored in different styles like a v-neck, a wrap around, or a boot cut.  Actually, anyone can buy scrubs online and look for styles that best fit one’s taste.  There are designer ones even.

Buying scrubs online is easy.  These days, everything can be found online but still one has to be careful because there are those who sell these items second-hand.  There is no need to buy a second hand when there are lots of discounts online.

If you wonder what a medical scrub look like, then here it is:

medical scrubs

3 thoughts on “Do you know what medical scrubs are?

  1. only had a few times watching Scrubs. it's a funny series, blogusvox, wickedly funny.

    ha ha ha @sidney! why will you wear one??? that would be my question, too.

    honestly,not an easy topic, but i think i somehow pulled it. 😀


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