Planning for your health

Today, there are so many concerns that planning for one’s health is mostly set aside. It is a sad fact but true, most people, especially those living in a third world country, will never prioritize a health plan.

In first world countries, in the US for example, the NC health insurance even have a dental health plan for an individual or for families.  In third world countries, especially those in the rural areas, those that the modern world cannot reach, still unconventional ways of cleaning the teeth are being applied.  They do not know about health plans and will not prioritize such concerns.

Personally, the idea of having a health plan for myself and family, is a very nice one.


2 thoughts on “Planning for your health

  1. and to you, too, Atticus! muntik akong maligaw he he. but planning for the health is one of our goals this year of 2012. how do you know? 🙂


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