A Fetus Among the Garbage

It was news on tv last night.  A seven month fetus was discovered among the garbage piled in a place near where we live.  It was found by a man who piles his garbage in that area to be fetched by the local garbage truck.  Allegedly, two women were seen.

We can definitely say it is a Godless thing because it is.  There is actually a story behind.  We can judge outright and say that whoever did it is of pure evil blood.  But…

I truly wonder what it takes for someone to throw a fetus, or to explore the whole scenario, subject one’s self to abortion which means killing a life that is bound to be out in a few months.  It’s cold murder.  Even if the mother (if she’s worth to be named as one) serves only as accomplice for not actually doing the killing.

Someone out there suffers because she’s unbearing.  Someone wanted a child of her own and for some odd reason, her system could not just perfect the process of supporting the growth of a fetus.

Then someone out there who is healthy tries to kill or kills the life inside her in cold blood.

There is a story, yes, but one that is not justifiable.  There is a story that is not worth my understanding and sympathy.

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