A Touching Story

In the midst of all the events and happenings this Christmas, I chanced upon a story in National Geographic, if I am not mistaken, about a story titled The Last Lioness.  I was not able to remember the guy who was doing his best efforts to breed a new generation for the remaining lioness in that wilderness but I cannot forget the seeming loneliness in the lioness’ eyes.  She appeared like she is truly longing for a lion partner.  The male lions were nowhere to be found in that part of Africa.

With his hunting binoculars, the guy looks for a perfect male for the remaining lioness in other parts of the wilderness.  Their group was able to find a seemingly perfect partner.  They had him sedated and brought to the area where the lioness was.  Unfortunately, when he woke up he panicked and they had to sedate him again.  He died.

The guy’s sadness affected me.  His noble efforts were laid to waste.  But still, he did not loose hope and was willing to work on the next.

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