Arson or accident?

Last December 15, 2010, we were horrified to see the flames of an ongoing fire at the back of a company just across the street.  It seemed so near.  Fear gripped my inner being as I watched the blazing fire.  I thought of the many beings who will be left homeless, and those that could possibly be hurt, and worst, if it reaches the nearby manufacturing company of industrial gases.  I was horrified of the thought that during explosion, tanks will be thrown our way and many more will be affected.

In panic, my son was telling Papsie to call the fire station.  Papsie retorted that he’s sure somebody had already called up.  Maybe because of the confusion, and at the same time, fear, that me and Daryl felt, I snapped back at how he seemed so careless.  But he was right, a few minutes, volunteer fire trucks came.  Not one government fire truck was seen though.

The fire allegedly started from an unattended rice cooking.  The said man who was suspected to be the one responsible was beaten black and blue by the neighbors.  He claimed that it was not true during an interview on tv.  After a few days, reports from our nearby friends and relatives said that the fire was truly intended.  For whatever reason, it was not known up to this day.


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