Like a Fire it Spread

An incident caught the attention of workers and employees alike.  The blabbermouths are on the rise, of course.  News spread like fire.  A lot is taking interest.  It was like fresh buns out of the oven.  And the culprit is happy, and rotting to the bones.

At first, it seems like it is sad that the one with the louder voice was misconstrued as the oppressor that harassed and berated the browbeaten ‘victim’.  If the blabbermouths listened intently and carefully, they could have understood what it was all about.  Those who witness only witnessed a loud voice without truly knowing what it was all about.  Then the verdict.

Oh, well.  Who cares?  Who cares at all what blabbermouths think?  They can feast on everything they want to feast on and create their own twisted stories out of it.  After that.  Nada.  All these things just die down their natural death.  It didn’t change the fact that someone is better than another;  that someone is worse than another.


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