One Christmas Eve

In 2009, there were a number of Christmas gatherings that I had to attend to, and partly organize.  That Christmas eve of 2009, we had to attend to Papsie’s cousin’s Christmas celebration.  I cannot forget it and the pendant lighting in that house always remind me of my late mother-in-law.

We did not have an idea it would be Nanay’s last Christmas celebration.  And everytime I see that pendant lighting, I am reminded of her.  And I feel sadness at the same time for Papsie.

I know Papsie will be able to move on with the grief.  But I also know it is a process.  We just have to respect that.

And speaking of giving respect to those who are grieving, no one should ever think that in a year’s time, things will be instantly A-OK for people who had lost their beloved ones.  So please be sensitive and show concern by not saying anything about it if the person does not want to talk about it.  One need not ask about anything because the person will speak when he or she is ready.

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